Solar Power Systems in Perth

Are you considering a solar power system for your home? Join the growing rush towards alternative energy with the help of global solar leader Solahart. Your local Solahart solar power expert can help you with free advice on solar power and solar hot water in and around Perth.

Solar power systems use the sun’s energy to produce electricity. Because weather conditions vary, the amount of electricity solar power systems generate also varies. By connecting your solar power system to the main electricity grid, you can sell any surplus electricity back to your energy retailer. The tariffs applied to any electricity you sell or purchase varies by energy retailer and location. For a better understanding of your area’s tariffs, speak to your local Perth Solahart solar power expert.

Solahart’s smallest solar power system can be installed with just 10 square metres of free roof space. For the typical Australian household a system of this size will produce up to 30% of its energy requirements. Solahart's Perth solar power experts provide a free in-home solar assessment before recommending the best solar power system for you. During this assessment we examine neighbouring buildings, trees, antennas, power lines and many other factors that may affect the function of solar panels. We also look at your past energy consumption patterns before recommending the best solar power system for your needs. When it comes to solar power the old adage 'bigger isn't necessarily better' definitely applies. Contact your local Solahart Perth store today to schedule a free in-home solar assessment.

Schedule your consultation with Solahart today. Call 1300 721 984 to speak with your local Perth Solahart Expert to request a free solar assessment on your home, or simply complete the form below and Solahart Perth will contact you.

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