Replacing a Gas Water Heater with Solar

Just about every household in Australia is concerned with soaring energy bills, and its not only electricity, gas prices are rising as well. One of the major components of your household's energy use is your gas water heater. By replacing your gas water heater with a solar hot water system you will be using the sun’s free energy to provide the bulk of your hot water needs, substantially reducing your gas consumption.

Solahart pioneered solar hot water in Australia in 1953, and now our products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. We have a range of solar products to help you reduce your gas usage. From roof top solar systems, to split system solar heaters, to heat pumps - all provide you with a loads of energy efficient hot water.

The way solar water heaters work is relatively simple. There are two main components; the solar panels and a storage tank.  The solar panels trap the suns heat and transfer it to the water in a storage tank. The panels are mounted on the roof, ideally in a North-facing orientation. There are two options for installing the storage tank. In roof top systems the tank is mounted directly to the panels up on the roof. In a split system solar heater, the tank is installed at ground level, and the water is circulated by way of an in-built circulator.

All our solar water heaters come with an in-built, thermostatically controlled, electric element to ensure there is ample hot water even when the sun doesn't shine.  If you prefer gas as a backup, there are inline gas boosters available as an optional extra. Whichever back up method you choose, one thing for certain is that by getting your hot water free from the sun, you’ll be enjoying big reductions in energy use.

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