Solar Hot Water Gippsland

With Australia's abundant sunshine, it makes great sense to get your Energy Free From the Sun.

Solahart Australia has two great solar solutions to reduce your household energy bills, solar hot water and solar power (PV). A Solahart solar water heater could reduce the energy needed to heat your water by 65%-70% depending on your location and the amount of hot water you use. By installing a Solahart solar power system you could save a significant amount on your electricity bill, depending on the size of the system and the amount of power you consume, especially during daylight hours. Both solar hot water and solar power systems also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so they are great for the environment as well as your hip pocket.

Solahart launched our first solar water heater in 1953 and today we have installed over one million systems around the world. For Hot Water Free from the Sun we offer three solutions including roof-mounted systems, split systems, and heat pumps.

Our local Solahart Gippsland Experts, Solahart Greater Gippsland and Solahart East Gippsland service the entire Gippsland area. Our local Solahart Gippsland Experts are a friendly, energetic and professional team who believe in providing outstanding customer service. Solahart not only offers a market leading brand but also professional, fully trained and qualified staff to ensure a quality installation.  

There are several types of solar water heaters available. The traditional Solahart roof-mounted tanks usually feature two solar collectors (panels) and a storage tank which are installed on the roof in a North-facing location.  The roof-mounted solar water heater works by drawing the sun’s energy into the collectors via a heat-absorbent coating. Fluid within the collectors is then heated and naturally rises (without the aid of pumps), into the connected storage tank. Roof-mounted water heaters are the most popular option for home owners because there is usually ample roof space for the tank and collectors, thus freeing up valuable ground space. Your roof should be unshaded and have a Northerly aspect for best results. The team at Solahart Solahart Greater Gippsland and Solahart East Gippsland will access your home's suitability for solar and provide you with a fully detailed quote.

A Solahart Streamline split system solar water heater operates with the tank located on the ground.  The solar collectors are installed in a suitable North-facing location on the roof and the ground-level storage tank can be positioned either indoors or outdoors. An electric pump or circulator is included to manage the flow of water between the tank and collectors.  A Solahart split system solar water heater is ideal if you prefer a more streamlined look and have the available space at ground level for the storage tank. Ask Solahart Newcastle to give you their recommendation on whether a Solahart split system is suitable for your home.

If your household’s layout isn’t suited to solar panels, a heat pump may be a viable alternative. Heat Pumps work by extracting heat from the surrounding air and using this heat to provide you with hot water.  The one main benefit is they are not reliant on receiving sunshine.

Our local Solahart Gippsland Experts also offer Solahart solar power systems (otherwise known as Photovoltaic or PV). Solahart's Premium PV systems only use quality panels and inverters, offering big energy savings to home owners who make the switch.  Solahart PV systems are designed and engineered with every component carefully selected to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Whether its solar panels, inverters, racking, rooftop isolators or the installation of the solar system, Solahart will provide a level of quality that will give customers peace of mind and great value for money. Our local Solahart Gippsland Experts back up every PV system sold with a Solahart warranty for your peace of mind.

If you have any solar hot water or PV questions, call our local Solahart Gippsland Experts today on 1300 721 984 and their friendly staff will organise an obligation-free solar assessment. 

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