Solar Hot Water Perth

Australia enjoys the perfect climate for harnessing solar energy to power your home, produce hot water for showers, save you money on bills and reduce your carbon footprint. To fully understand your solar power needs and the savings to be had by simply harnessing the sun’s free energy, schedule a free solar assessment with your local Perth Solahart Expert. We produced our first solar product in 1953, making the Solahart name synonymous with the solar industry, especially in Perth where it all began. Since then we have installed over One million units in more than 70 countries.

Our Perth based Solahart specialists will come to you to better understand your household’s energy use, hot water requirements and roof layout. We will then recommend the best sustainable energy solution for long-term financial and environmental savings. Solahart Perth have a large range of roof top and split solar systems and heat pumps.

Split Solar System

If there is limited space on a north-facing roof, a split system solar water heater (with a smaller footprint) may be suitable. The roof panels are installed on a north facing roof, while the storage tank sits at ground level. A circulating pump ensures continuous flow of the water between the tank and collectors.

Roof Top Solar System

If you have more roof space to work with, ask your local Perth Solahart Expert about our range of roof top systems, where the solar panels (collectors) are mounted on the roof together with the storage tank. The solar collectors draw in the sun’s energy to heat the fluid, before transferring it to the tank. No pumps or mechanical devices are used to circulate the fluid, because the heat rises naturally through convection currents causing a ‘thermosiphon’ effect. Hence these systems are often referred to as Thermosiphons.

Heat Pump System

If your local Perth Solahart Expert advises you against solar panels, perhaps due to space restrictions or roof shading, then they can also supply and install heat pump water heaters. Heat pumps draw energy from the surrounding air and can work year-round, both day and night.

Schedule your consultation with a local Perth Solahart Expert today. Call 1300 721 984 to request a free solar assessment on your home, or simply complete the from below and your nearest Solahart Perth Expert will contact you.


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