Solar Hot Water Heater

In Australian we consider ourselves lucky to live in a country that is seldom short on sunshine. In addition to the wonderful lifestyle the climate supports, it also means the sun’s heat is a viable source of free solar energy. Harnessing solar energy is an easy way to reduce your household energy consumption and your carbon footprint. A Solahart solar hot water heater can help you to achieve these goals. Our tried and tested roof top solar, split system solarheat pump, and solar power (PV) systems can help you make significant savings, as well as assist the environment.

Did you know that the average Australian household, with a traditional electric water heater, spends approximately 25% of its energy budget on producing hot water. However, make the switch to a solar hot water heater and you could soon use a third less energy, and enjoy savings of 50-90% dependent on your location and chosen model.

Roof Top Solar System

If your home has loads of roof space and limited ground space, our roof top solar hot water heaters are an excellent energy efficient option. Both the solar panels and storage tank are installed on a North-facing section of your roof. The solar panels are coated in a heat-absorbent material to draw in the available solar energy. This energy in turn heats the fluid within the panels. As the fluid warms, the heat is transferred into the adjacent tank providing hot water for later use.

Split Solar System

If you have limited roof space, or, would just rather have a ground-level storage tank, Solahart manufactures many excellent split systems solar hot water heaters. The solar collectors are still roof-mounted facing North, while the storage tank can be kept on the ground, either indoors or outside. Water is circulated between the tank and collectors by an in-built solar controller.

Heat Pump System

If your roof is not suitable for solar panels, perhaps it is heavily shaded, all is not lost. A heat pump water heater is an energy efficient option that does not require direct sunlight to operate. So it continues to make hot water day or night, in sunshine and rain, all year round. In addition, installation is quick and easy. The heat pump can usually be installed in the same location as an outdoor electric water heater and connected up to the existing plumbing and electrical connections, making it a great replacement for an existing water heater.

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