Solar Power - A Great Way To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Did you know that your home can be much more energy efficient? You can install solar panels to generate your own electricity FREE from the sun. You are most likely already paying a high price for electricity. In the future, you will pay even more, as across the country electricity prices continue to increase.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as Australians begin to take notice of the build up of carbon emissions that come with burning fossil fuels. Solar power does not emit any greenhouse gases. Instead, solar power is produced by harnessing the sun’s radiation – a process without smoke, gas, or other chemical by-products.

Here in Australia the sun is a vast and rich source of free renewable energy so it makes complete sense to use it to help power our homes. Solahart have understood this for decades and pioneered solar hot water over 60 years ago. Today we offer a full range of solar power systems and solar water heaters to help Australian families reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Solar power makes sense for a number of reasons:

  • Solar power reduces your energy bills.
  • If you produce more electricity than you need you can sell it back to your energy provider for a credit on your bill.
  • Solar panels use the sun’s energy, which is a renewable energy source that will continue to produce electricity as long as there is sunshine.
  • Because it is so good for the environment, you can also take advantage of generous government incentives that make the price of solar affordable for most Australian families.
  • Solar panels do not generally require any maintenance.
  • Solar power systems can be expanded by adding additional panels when needed.

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