Key Features

Smart Charging
Coupling your FIRMER EV Charger with a Solahart Home Energy Management System allows you to monitor the performance of
your EV charger with your home's other connected appliances.

Solar Integration
If you have solar power or plan to install it, you can link it to create a fully integrated eco-system and maximise your use of energy free from the sun.

Lower Bills and Lower Emissions
By including your EV charger as a connected appliance in the Solahart HEMS, it can be configured to help you minimise your exposure to rising power prices. It lets you use your EV Charger when electricity prices are lower or when your solar energy production is higher.

Modular Design
FIMER Stand Alone EV chargers are perfect for home installations. A combination of the Stand Alone and Future Net models is a great scalable solution for business.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Enjoy a standard 2-year manufacturer’s product warranty, or purchase an extended 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

How The Fimer EV Charger/HEMS Works

Solahart HEMS is a technology platform comprising both hardware (the Solahart Home Energy Management Unit) and software (the Solahart atHome App). Using seasonal and daily weather patterns, the Solahart HEMS decides when it’s best use energy-intensive connected appliances. It intelligently coordinates the performance of your PV system, hot water tank, home battery, EV charger and other connected appliances to help reduce energy costs. And you can monitor your energy production and consumption via the Solahart atHome App. 

Fimer EV Charger Brochure Download



Fimer EV Charger Brochure: Download