Keep track of your solar power with a Home Energy Management System

Installing solar is a smart way to reduce your energy costs and live a more sustainable lifestyle. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could access your energy generation data anywhere, anytime and maximise your solar energy?

If you own a solar power system, you might be wondering when your system generates the most power, and how much of it you are actually using. Also, if you have a home battery, it might make your life easier to know how much energy the battery has available at any time.

With a Solahart Home Energy Management System (HEMS), you can track your system’s performance and more. HEMS is a technology platform consisting of both hardware and software that helps reduce your energy costs by:

  • Bringing your connected appliances and energy-generating devices together under one monitoring and control platform
  • Automatically shifting your electricity consumption away from expensive peak times
  • Allowing you to monitor the performance of your home’s energy production and consumption

How could HEMS work in your home?

A Solahart Energy Management Unit connects to your home internet where you can track your solar production and savings via the Solahart AtHome app. The unit automatically optimises and controls key appliances so you operate them when solar production is at its highest.

Specifically, HEMS helps predict how much solar energy your solar power system will generate by using seasonal and daily patterns. It then decides when it’s best to use high energy consuming connected appliances, including air conditioning, water heating and pool pump, all to help limit the amount of energy you export to the grid.

Solahart was one of the first companies in the world to recognise the value of the sun’s free energy. We pioneered solar water heating in Australia in 1953. Since then, we have installed over 1 million systems in over 70 countries and over 900,000 solar power panels.

To experience these benefits for yourself, speak to Solahart today to find out more. You can call 1300 721 984 or contact us via the form below:

Track your energy usage with a Solahart Home Energy Management System

Speak to Solahart today to find out more. You can call 1300 721 984 or contact us via the form below:

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